Wide Open Field: WIP 03

Work In Progress / 27 June 2018

About to call this finished, just at bit more to tweak the lighting and post. Maybe a bit more of love to the rocks.


Wide Open Field: WIP 02

Work In Progress / 23 June 2018

More progress on this field of flowers. All of the textures are created in Substance Designer, scene is put together in UE4. Next up are some rocks, lighting, post-fx and polish.

Wide Open Field: WIP 01

Work In Progress / 13 June 2018

Been doing a lot of materials for this! And they still need tweaking, but I really wanted to see how it'll start coming together. Lots to do yet! Critiques welcome :)

Rocky Grass WIP

Work In Progress / 06 June 2018

Been working on some grass. Reusing and repurposing old nodes and seeing what kind of results I can get.


Worn Wood WIP 01

Work In Progress / 23 May 2018

I think I might have a thing for always alliterating.

Anyway, been going forward on a side project. Here's some worn wood. Needs a few more hours of tweaking. I like how it started out. Pretty straight forward to make.

Fancy Flowers WIP 01

General / 15 May 2018

Began the next part of the little side project mentioned yesterday on these while my girlfriend hunted Thanos in Fortnite.

All Substance, lots of nesting. I'll post a breakdown of this once the project is done. There's a lot to tweak and lots of settings to expose.

Learning Leaves!

General / 13 May 2018

Finallly learned to make leaves today! I'm doing a small side project for a family member that forced me to check this off the list. Many thanks to Rich Piper over at Eat3D  for publishing a great tutorial to help get me started! 

Wet Layered Cliff WIP 01

General / 29 April 2018

Spent a bit working on a wet layered cliff material. Will polish it up sometime :) 

Hex Tiled Floor WIP 02

General / 25 April 2018

Just messed around with some coloration and (maybe) some gold inlays.

Adding dirt will be my next step, along with getting a couple really worn tiles in there and tell some kind of story.

Hex Tiled Floor WIP 01

General / 24 April 2018

Started working on a hex tiled floor (or wall, or ceiling) tonight. I'm liking how its starting out. The reference I'm going from has a lot of interesting challenges for wear and tear. I added the cracks and height offsets "just because".  C/C always welcome.